Anti Keylogger [Download]

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Anti Keylogger [Download]

Anti Keylogger is silent antispyware software that will protect your PC from spyware (harmful software that is usually secretly installed on computer to spy over its owner) and keylogger (spyware that intercepts keys pressed on the PC where it is installed to and sends this information to third-parties. Nowadays keyloggers not only intercept keys pressed, but are also capable of performing full user activity monitoring)

The key feature of anti-keylogger among others is its way to detect and block spyware.

Detecting Keyloggers

Anti Keylogger does not use signature base (list of all the internet threats known to the product. Usually used by anti-viruses. While scanning the PC anti-virus compares files found with list of the files from the signature base. In case it finds any matches the file is blocked and moved to quarantine). 

This anti monitoring software relies on the method of heuristic analysis (the basic method of Anti-Keylogger’s work. The program analyzes all the active modules running on your PC and blocks those, whose actions are similar to the actions of spyware and keyloggers). 

This means it will protect you even from new, yet unknown keyloggers (keyloggers not listed in the signature bases of internet security software. Basically unknown keyloggers are either brand new, or well-known, but modified so as not to be listed in signature bases). 

It also means you do not need to update it to be fully-protected. And, last, but not least – the program has very small size both in setup package and when installed.

Software Screenshot:

Anti Keylogger [Download]

Counteracting Keyloggers

Anti Keylogger is safe to use. Modern types of keyloggers hide themselves deep in kernel of the system. This means that trying to remove them may hardly damage operation system. Unlike keylogger removers Anti Keylogger doesn’t remove keyloggers. Our way to counteract keyloggers is to block them. We deem blocking keyloggers is safe and reliable way to prevent information’ stealing and PC crashes.

Easy to use

In this review I said that Anti Keylogger is silent. That’s true, basically the only thing you need to do to be protected is to install the software. After it is installed Anti Keylogger starts to work automatically without disrupting you from work. No need to study manuals. No need to configure the program. In case you still want to control the process just double click its icon in system tray to access the program, configure its work and change decisions made by it.

Full list of Anti Keylogger features:
  1. Blocking of keystroke logging;
  2. Blocking of clipboard logging;
  3. Blocking of windows content capturing;
  4. ‘on-the-fly’ protection;
  5. Easy to install and use;
  6. Full UNICODE support;
  7. Available in 5 languages.

Download Software: Anti Keylogger (buy)

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