In this page you will see the Frequently Asked Questions from visitors to pricelessproducts.blogspot.com

Q:I see you sell affiliate products? why not promote your own?
A: Honestly I more like to promote my own products than the affiliate side, but until now I don't have my own. I will do this for while until I can make my own products/ service.

Q: If I buy product through your affiliate link, do I getting to paying more than if I buy it directly?
A: Absolutely not, you will pay the same price. Buy products through my affiliate link just same like you buy it directly. Even you can get a cheaper price by sending an email to me and inform which product you want to buy. Then I will send you the discount coupons that product to you. So you can buy the same product more cheap than buy it directly. Please note: discount coupon only work if you buy it with my affiliate link.

Q: If I buy product through your link and get problem later, are you will give me support?
A: Sure! Just contact me about your problem, I will do the best to support you. Even if you not buy it through my link (directly or with somebody else), I will still trying to help you as good as I can. As an affiliate, I more easier to contact the vendor and get answer more quickly than usual. Please feel free to contact me at lauratito(a)ymail(dot)com.

Q: is there any benefits I receive if I buy the product through your link?
A: I very appreciate if you buy product through my link. Like I mentioned above, you will get discount price to buy that product (coupon code will send to your email) and also you will get special bonus as a thank you from me, You can check it at Special Bonus page. Thanks!

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