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There are literally hundreds of guides on how to attract women written by guys. And while I'm not saying they're bad and I've read some of them myself, but they usually focus too much or tips and tricks to attract women or try to develop a scientific method.

That's right, Date a Total Ten is actually a guide designed by women for men.
Who is the woman behind Date a Total Ten?

Claudia Opdenkelder, the founder of "Cougar Life" and a total ten!

She decided to create Date a Total Ten system for guys all around the world to finally know the truth. What it really takes to date total 10. And I'll be honest; some of the stuff is mind blowing.

Date a Total 10 Discover:
  • The secret to getting models, actresses, playmates and many other incredibly hot ladies that many guys dream about…
  • Why sleeping with very attractive ladies has absolutely nothing to do with looks or finances and the three things you must convey to those girls in the first sixty seconds…
  • In addition, how you will be able to listen in on intimate, “tell all” conversations between stunning women… as they expose their most private desires… erotic stories… and keys to seducing ladies just like them
  • And much more

See The Video Below

Date a Total Ten Review

Detail Info: Date a Total Ten

It's a video series on how to date a total ten from women's perspectives. This means you get the, sometimes harsh truth on just why you were striking out.

Claudia Opdenkelder and her attractive girlfriends will make your jaw drop. Not only because they're totally hot, but because of what they reveal in those videos!

Through series of interviews and simple talks you'll be able to get inside an attractive woman's head and know how she thinks. That's something men have tried to do for ages.

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