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Big buzz on a new traffic strategy...

There is a major shift happening in the world of content marketing. But first, what's "content marketing?"

It's what bloggers and marketers do when they put up content that they want the search engines to rank and readers to flock to in order to build a brand, make product or affiliate sales, and sell advertising.

So, basically anyone who uses content to get free search engine traffic and have the ability to get real people linking to and buzzing about their site is a content marketer.

Well, in the past few months a certain type of content marketing has started to get very popular.  It's called "curation" and it has many benefits over traditional content marketing models.

  1. Curation allows content marketers to create a lot more content around a lot more keywords in the same amount of time they currently spend on content development.
  2. This enables you to score for a lot more keyword rankings, leading to more daily traffic.
  3. It also enables you to keep readers engaged and loyal to your source of information because you filter through all the information on a topic and present them with the best of the best info on the topic.
  4. You write less original content yourself and, often, put together more valuable content to readers at the same time.
  5. Enables one-writer-sites to look and feel like they have a small staff of writers.
  6. Posting more often gives more opportunities for something to go viral on social networks. And gives readers more to "Like," retweet, and +1 on Google+.
  7. Increases your authority score with Google because of the increased social signals Google finds for your site.

(There are many more benefits to adding curation to your content marketing campaign.)

Since everyone is buzzing about curation, I wanted to get clarification on the tactic from an expert.  My good friend Jack Humphrey is going to explain what curation is and how he developed an amazing software which helps him to create pages which rank really high in
the search engines.

You can actually download and test it for free!

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