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Instant Fiverr Goldrush (and yes, fiverr is spelled with two r's) is an online resource where ordinary people buy and sell services (known as gigs) for $5.00. Need a WordPress blog installed on your server? Get it done for $5.00. Know how to create a cover for an e-book? Sell that service for $5.00. 

There's more to just buying and selling services and products for $5.00. An entire world of unlimited possibilities for making money exists at when you know how to do it. Just for the record...the intention of this special report is to show you tips, techniques, and tricks that will jump start your moneymaking efforts. 

HOWEVER, everything presented in this guide is legal, ethical, and will not get you in trouble when you implement some or all of the strategies presented here for making boatloads of cash!

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