Free Auto Macro [Download]

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Free Auto Macro [Download]

Free Download: Auto Macro

Auto Macro is the most powerful yet easy-to-use Windows Automation Software. It can automate frequent tasks, save your time and money.   

Auto Macro Key features: 

  • Record and repeat all mouse and keyboard actions. 
  • Find and click image on the screen with Smart Click. 
  • Edit the mouse and keyboard actions record. 
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use script editor. 
  • Compile script to EXE. 
  • Bind scripts to hotkeys.

Auto Macro is Just Easy To Use 

See the sceenshot above, you can see there are only 3 main buttons on the toolbar: "Record", "Smart Click" and "Play".

  • The "Record" button 

Click the Record button, then Auto Macro will record all your mouse and keyboard actions. When you have finished recording, you can click the "Play" button to repeat all your mouse and keyboard actions.

  • The "Smart Click" button 

The "Smart Click" feature can find a picture on the screen, and then click the picture. Click the "Smart Click" button, and then cut a small picture from the screen. Auto Macro will find the picture you cut and click on it.

Other Useful Features of Auto Macro

  • Simulate all mouse and keyboard actions

Click the left button "Mouse" and the left button "Keyboard" then you can simulate all mouse and keyboard actions. Include mouse move, mouse click, mouse drag, keystroke, type text and many other actions.

  • Create If Else Statement

Click the left button "if", then you can create a If Else Statement. You can check if something is exist with it.

  • Undo and redo operations

You can press "Ctrl + Z" and "Ctrl + Y" to undo and redo operations.

  • Disable or enable an action

Right click on an action, then click "Disable Action" or "Enable Action" to disable or enable it.

  • Comes with Auto Hotkey

You can bind scripts to hotkeys with the tool Auto Hotkey.

  • Create scheduled tasks easily

You can create scheduled tasks easily with the tool scheduled tasks.

  • Compile script to EXE

Click the menu "File", then click "Compile to EXE", then you can compile a script to EXE.

Free Download: Auto Macro

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